The Canadian Football Officials’ Association (CFOA) was chartered in 1969 at a meeting of amateur football officials in Montréal. Over the years, the structure and scope of work of CFOA has grown and evolved. The CFOA is committed to strengthening the consistency in amateur football officiating in this country and establish officials as a key stakeholder in the football landscape.

The mission of CFOA:

  1. Participating in the development and implementation of educational materials.
  2. Developing programs to support the recruitment and retention of officials.
  3. Providing a means of communication for member associations.
  4. Providing a vehicle of recognition to outstanding service across the country.


CFOA Executive Committee

President – Henry Chiu

Director / Treasurer – Frank White

Director – Nigel Bushe

Director – Barry Debaie

Director – Chad Doran

Director – Kyle Mikulik


Michael Groleau Award of Merit – Adobe pdf | MS Word

Tom Cheney Lifetime Achievement Award Adobe pdf | MS Word

CFOA Honour Roll Vanier Cup Officials (1965 to present) – Adobe pdf | MS Word

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